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In the scenic old town of Los Gatos, CA just outside of San Jose lies Testarossa Winery that gives a mystical wedding for these two lovebirds.  Colter looking very dapper in his tux while Nina slipped into a vintage wedding dress, the wedding set in a charming winery built in 1888, you almost felt teleported into the past. Very simple but elegant, it made the evening seem almost surreal.


Testarossa Winery Wedding 001PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 002PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 003PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 004PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 005PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 006PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 007PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 008PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 009PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 010PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 011PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 012PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 013PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 014PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 015PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 016PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 017PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 018PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 019PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 020PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 021PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 022PINIMAGETestarossa Winery Wedding 023PINIMAGE

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With a day filled with laughter, cheers and applauding a couples union at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, Chris and Stephanie dress to impress… and impress they did!

Though the real surprise of the wedding came when the bridesman did a very well choreographed dance (full Youtube video below) to honor the brides love of Britney Spears, and he NAILED IT! Back up dances appeared from no where shocking the crowed and newlyweds with a dance that left people speechless, but with the desire to scream in support. With such a flawless execution Britney Spears herself gave a shout out to the couple on Twitter, expressing her desire to be part of the 10 year anniversary performance. Which in turn got national coverage (video) on Good Morning America

This day was a real treat for me as a photographer to have the pleasure of capturing these moments for the bride and groom on a beautiful sunny spring day. Plenty of sunshine to go around, a gorgeous location and setup in addition to a stunning couple.


Britney Spears Bride 001PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 002PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 003PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 004PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 005PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 006PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 007PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 008PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 009PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 010PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 011PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 012PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 013PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 014PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 015PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 016PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 017PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 018PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 019PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 020PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 021PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 022PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 023PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 024PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 025PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 026PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 027PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 028PINIMAGEBritney Spears Bride 029PINIMAGE


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Carey and Heidi had a stunning wedding at the Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside. Carey looked great in his suit from Friar Tux Shop while Heidi was beautiful in every way in her gorgeous dress. Their wedding was a perfect day lit by Gods natural daylight overlooking Riverside. It was filled with love from family and friends embracing these twos love and committed devotion to each other. It proved to be a perfect example of a shining new love.

Canyon Crest Country Club Wedding 001PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 002PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 003PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 004PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 005PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 006PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 007PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 008PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 009PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 010PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 011PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 012PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 013PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 014PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 015PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 016PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 017PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 018PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 019PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 020PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 021PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 022PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 023PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 024PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 025PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 026PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 027PINIMAGECanyon Crest Country Club Wedding 028PINIMAGE

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