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Beloved is a style of photography that has changed the way we photograph people. It's the intersection between art and life that exudes authentic expression. It's the reason why we shoot. It captures the moments of you being you. It's a time for you to experience real moments with your loved ones.
Have you ever wanted more than just a photoshoot?  Something that digs deeper into the heart and soul of who you are as a couple? That is what we were looking for when we found Beloved.

Jeremy Smith at the Greater Good - UC Berkley describes it this way :

The idea behind Beloved photography is that photographers have the power to change the world, one relationship at a time. When one starts a relationship, you can see your beloved clearly. Every experience, every moment is savored and remembered. After time, that sight may grow muddy—perhaps by work, everyday stress, parenting, life in general. What the Beloved photographer aims to do is provide space for a couple to rediscover the very essence of what made their Beloved theirs. The power of memory and sense is what drives Beloved photography. ... Scientific studies show that there are exercises to help strengthen relationships. Beloved photography could aid that memory of the love.


Beloved described by Travis Schulz - "You know what beloved is? it's that over the top, shoot for the moon, tears in your eyes, heart throbbing moment, warm fuzzies, where the all the bad times are forgotten/don't matter, and there is only this one beautiful moment where love wins."

A Beloved session can be for an engagement, anniversary or a "just because" session. Beloved isn't limited to couples but is welcomed for families as well.
We look forward to meeting you and getting the opportunity to help tell your story! Send us a message to find out more and to book your session.